Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It is so very disheartening when I hear the people who claim to worship and serve the Divine Creator they call G-D giving their god-given power to a satan, devil or demons. 

It is sacrilege to apprise one's  results of their negative actions or negative thinking; to acclaim bad or an evil power that has just as much power as the Divine Creator  over  creation. 

When  people  look for demons and devils under every  rock or thinks them as entities that actually exist and having power,  the creative power and deity of  the Divine Universal Creator is diminished as with the power and authority we were given as humans!  

The people  need to know that the words satan, devil and demons were merely words used to describe the unregenerate nature within man.--the Beast! These rebellious and negative forces mankind has allowed to influence them into becoming and thinking are antichrist. If one does not think with the Mind of a Christ they think with the mind of antichrist! That simple!

Humans need to get that devil, satan, and demon mentality from their thoughts and mind! Don't you know that whatever goes into the mind becomes a part of one’s nature? Thoughts are instructive to the soul! A thought becomes words! Words become manifested into form!  Form becomes things! Things become actions! Actions become consequences and results! 

Consequences of one’s state of being, circumstances of character is a result of one’s thoughts! This is why, “As a man thinks within his heart, so is he.” That is Divine Law! Divine Law also says, “Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap.”Call it living under Law! Call it New Age! Call it Mysticism! Call it a Mystery! Call it spirituality! Call it whatever you want to call it! However, the people need to GET IT! 

GET IT or be destroyed from lack of knowledge! GET IT or stay on that continual roller coaster where the majority of your energies are focused upon negativities; where all of your blessings are contingent upon; or your growth and receiving your inheritance is dependent upon a false reality and concept of your being undeserving. 

Stop conjuring up a nonexistent enemy who takes your Promise of Inheritance from you and keep you from coming into the realization that you are a Kingdom Citizen maturing into  a Son who can walk in perfection! Scripture says be ye perfect as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect!

This life is not about a heaven or hell! It is not about good and bad! It is not about Saint or so-called sinner. It is not about a fairy-tail dragon called satan. It is not about a so-called rapture! It certainly is not about going to a building running up and down the aisle jumping about, echoing ‘kickenmychins-gotta-take-sholanda-to-the-store-hubba-bubba’, merely because one felt the Presence of  Divine Spirit! 

The Spirit comes to move one into all Truth! The Spirit comes to draw one to another level of spirituality with a Word or Revelation that prompts one into a deeper more profound alacrity.  A Word that impregnates one with a desire and hunger to know and grow! Spirit do not come to make you feel good to go home boasting about how the Spirit moved in church that day. Yet, no one grew or received what the Spirit was there to impart to begin with! 

Certainly no one grew from the speaker saying turn to your neighbor and say, I don’t know what you come to do but I came to praise the Lord, spending the next 15 minutes whooping and trying to whip up a sensual feel-good, look at me making you happy, put more money in the basket mentality. 

It is about a right relationships and coming into the reality of one’s Life-Purpose while traveling through this earth! It is about receiving ones inheritance as a Christ and coming into Divine Union right here, right now! It is about cultivating love and light that draws others into the Light. Now, that is taking up one's Cross! 

If you insist that you were given free gifts paid for by the Christ and he took away the sins of the world, why suffer? What is there to suffer from? Humans bring suffering and calamity upon themselves! The worlds conditions, wars, hunger, hatred, racism was not created by G-D nor a devil. It is through mans unregenerate beastly nature that they act like animals. A satan, devil or demon had nothing to do with it and certainly not a loving beneficent Creator did not!  

Those who walk about usurping and ascribing power to a devil or satan still walk in unbelief and rejection of their Sonship and as children of heirs of the Kingdom. One who talks about the devil made me do it, has not been restored and walks about in the concepts of that 'old man' call ignorance, darkness, chaos and error.  

It is NOT a demon, devil or satan. It is one's unregenerate thought process and beastly mindset, which initiates negatives actions that produces negative results. The people  must change their mindsets and thought process to purge their mind from all that is not of  a Divine Creator; all that which is inconsistent to that of Truth. 

Once one began to change their mindset from the limitations of a beastly, antichrist or devil mindset, they will automatically begin to see Light as the Spirit frees them from those restraints that bind them into the lower flows of consciousness.

The devil and satan are the same entities—a false accuser, slanderer, liar, adversary and evil one. The devil is a mass of unregenerate thoughts built up into conscious negative energies of personalities of the unregenerate, old man or carnal mindsets. One who is adverse to, an opponent of and/or fight against Truth is a satan. 

Demons are conditions of the mind or ruling thoughts that dethrones any normal or godly reasoning. Demons are duality in personality, thoughts and consciousness, using creative powers in an ignorant arrogant way.  This ignorant use and negative attitudes brings forth the self-ego or negative mental aberrations as a result of personal erroneous thoughts and /or egos of man. I call them the so-called elite and those false religious System leaders.

The Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons by means of hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience. I believe that we all witnessed this first hand on 21 May 2012 and many other dates prior to and since then! We are seeing it now within organized religion and will see more of it! 

John proclaims of his vision, I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon, the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet unclean spirits like frogs...they were spirit of demons.

Here is wisdom. You who have understanding and have ears to hear count the number of the beast  for it is the number of a man--666. 

The number six represents the number of man. The number 66 represents the number of man as antichrist. The number 666 represents a conglomerate of erroneous, unregenerate thought masses from those who set them self up as gods perpetuating false teachings and traditions of men.  666 are those who lead the people into a false doctrine of demons, devil and satan  keeping them dwelling in their beastly mind and self egos; rejecting Divine Order, Delegated Authority, and Divine Law.  Those are the demons and opponents of Truth!

"Therefore, leaving the elementary teaching about the Christ press on toward maturity, not laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works...So then walk no longer as gentiles and undisciplined one's in futility of mind with a darkened understanding because of ignorance and hardness of heart becoming callous; giving yourself over to sensuality and impure thinking but become wise knowing what the heart, will and mind of the Creator is!"

There is No enemy; No negative thought that has any power over a person unless they themselves feed into it.  Starve an organism and it will die.

When we think on the things that are honorable, right, pure, lovely, good repute things of excellence that are worthy of praise, there is no room for negativities to spawn that create lies. These are the attributes the people should dwell on. This is thinking with a Christ Mind! 

Let’s get it right! There is no devil, satan, or anything bad that has any power over us unless we allow negativism or pride to evade our mind. This is why Paul admonished us to be renewed and to put on the Mind of (a) Christ. It is this mind that helps one to grow into perfection in all aspects becoming imitators of Christ as Spirit restores back into that Perfect Image and likeness as gods! Catch the vision!

Hotep Light One Love!
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